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About Us

Aviation-Stories is a site about – yep you guessed it – aviation stories. Most of what you’ll read on this site are real-life accounts of flying incidents, many of which almost ended in disaster. Some are funny, others terrifying – all are entertaining.

While most stories found on here are about flying we highly encourage submissions from people involved in other aspects of aviation eg. engineers, air traffic controllers, ground support crew. Everybody has a story to tell – and we want to hear yours.

The website depends on contributions from people like yourself. So go ahead and write that story you’ve been badly wanting to commit to print. We can assist with the writing of articles if required. Photographs and videos to support your submission are highly encouraged. For information regarding submissions click on Submit an Article. Your contributions can be totally anonymous or completely identifiable – your choice entirely.

The site was created by a current airline pilot and a fellow aviation enthusiast. If, like us, you enjoy a good, riveting aviation tale you’ll no doubt understand the reason for its creation.