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Real Stories – Pilots

The “Boogalah’s”

Aircraft Type - Swearingen Metro Location - Wellington, NZ. MAYDAY!... MAYDAY!... MAYDAY!... WELLINGTON CONTROL, METROLINER LIFEFLIGHT ZERO TWO, RIGHT ENGINE FIRE INDICATION, REQUEST PRIORITY DESCENT TO WELLINGTON..." Our flight originated from Auckland International on a medical mission to Wellington to collect a patient experiencing difficulties during pregnancy, from memory. The callout was generated on a Saturday evening just after ... Read More


Issues with Australian Airspace

Like other countries that are signatories to the Chicago Convention, Australia uses different classes of airspace (classes A, tightly controlled airspace, through class G, uncontrolled airspace) for air traffic controllers to separate aircraft depending on where that airspace is located. Capital city airports use an airspace classification that is quite different to that located at ... Read More


Trust your instruments

The Karamea Valley. Aircraft Type - Cessna 206 Location - Karamea, NZ One cool morning following an overnight in Karamea (on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island) I obtained a weather forecast and found it was good for our flight with a warm front expected to hit the West Coast after 5pm local time. It was ... Read More


Kalgoorlie Kapers

Back in Kalgoorlie. Aircraft Type – Cessna 210 Location – Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Kalgoorlie – even the name sounds dry and dusty. Situated smack-bang in the heart of the West Australian goldfields, Kal (as the locals call it) is a rough and ready gold town. It’s got the reputation of being the richest square mile of dirt on ... Read More


Lessons in Windshear

Aircraft Type - R22 Location - Qld, Australia Maybe I should retitle this story HARD LESSONS in wind shear! As a pilot I was well aware of the dangers of windshear, however being a rotary-wing pilot with a small amount of fixed wing time my experiences had taught me that windshear was much less of an issue ... Read More