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Ayers Rock Tumbleweed Connection


This bit of Wild West action was seen on the tarmac at Ayers Rock recently. While sitting in our aircraft waiting to be refuelled I noticed a large tumbleweed tumble out onto the tarmac. With a light wind to help matters it then rolled past a Qantas 737 and headed for the runway. A couple of very observant airport ground staff spotted the renegade ‘weed and gave chase on foot and by 4WD. For a short period the chase resembled something from a Keystone Cops movie as the tumbling ‘weed stayed one step ahead of them. Finally apprehended mere metres from the runway it was then escorted back to the terminal area – no doubt to be tried by a kangaroo court then hung, drawn and quartered!

Finally apprehended

Escorted back for questioning!


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