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Not long after the pilots dispute (in 1989) this short exchange was heard between Air Traffic Control and a French pilot.
ATC: “Are you visual?”
French pilot: “No sir, we are in and out of bottoms”.

Location unknown but a military plane is taxying behind a Lufthansa 747.
Military pilot: “Lufthansa 358 go to the numbers (123.45mhz) please”.
Lufthansa pilot: “We are professional pilots, we do not speak on unauthorised frequencies”.
Military pilot (to ATC): “Tell the professional pilots their gear pins are still in”.

Apparently a bear craps in the woods but does an eagle take a dump in the air? If you sneak up on them in a Piper Super Cub at 8000 feet while on fire-spotting duties they do. This particular wedgetail had a considerable bowel movement and let go a lovely sine wave of shite. Fortunately for me the shite floated by my left wing before the eagle folded its wings and plummeted earthwards.

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