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Issues with Australian Airspace

Like other countries that are signatories to the Chicago Convention, Australia uses different classes of airspace (classes A, tightly controlled airspace, through class G, uncontrolled airspace) for air traffic controllers to separate aircraft depending on where that airspace is located. Capital city airports use an airspace classification that is quite different to that located at ... Read More


Menzies Aviation

Wednesday 22nd February   Menzies Aviation, a provider of airline passenger, ramp and cargo handling services, has lost its contract with Virgin Australia. The renewal of the contract for Virgin’s business came up for tender in recent weeks and the outcome of the tender process was announced on Tuesday 21st February. The contract was awarded to Toll ... Read More


Snake problem at Brisbane Airport

Wednesday 22nd February   Aviation Australia at Brisbane airport has a problem – a rather slithery type of problem. The company is in the business of training cabin crew and to that end they have a large building which contains aircraft cabin simulators, a swimming pool for wet drills, etc. Their courses are very well patronised by ... Read More