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Snake problem at Brisbane Airport


Wednesday 22nd February


Aviation Australia at Brisbane airport has a problem – a rather slithery type of problem. The company is in the business of training cabin crew and to that end they have a large building which contains aircraft cabin simulators, a swimming pool for wet drills, etc. Their courses are very well patronised by students from around Australia and from overseas. Unfortunately the building has also become the focal point for several species of snake. The building has somewhat of a vermin problem and the snakes are dropping in for a bit of a feast. In recent months the AA staff have been “relocating” on average of one a week. While most of the unwelcome visitors are harmless there have been several Brown snakes found on the premises. The Australian Brown snake is definitely not the sort of reptile that you want to have latching onto your leg. They are extremely venomous and can kill. Sounds like a job for Snakebusters?!!

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